Toolkit for Overturning Citizens United

CITIZENS UNITED: overturning (PDFs)

  1. Why Amend the Constitution?
  2. Key Points to Citizens United 2010 ruling
  3.  Update on Constitutional Amendment Action
  4. Summary of proposals for Constitutional Amendments
  5. Why State Legislators Must Support a 28th Amendment
  6. a. Letter by Washington Legislators 
    asking support for amendment to overturn Citizens United

    b.Legislators & Candidates Responses
  7. Resolution (generic) 
    asking Legislature and Congress to enact a 28th Amendment
  8. Resolution (generic)
    requesting city/county to place 28th Amendment Advisory Measure on Ballot
  9. Resolution (generic) by Cities/Counties 
    asking State Legislature to enact a 28th amendment
  10. Citizens Petition Info Handout for Advisory Ballot
  11. Citizen Petition: Overturn Citizens United
  12. How to reclaim democracy for PEOPLE
    What to know; What to do
  13. Reclaim Democracy Action list
  14. Reclaim Democracy Resource list

VIDEO: Craig Salins at Get Money Out of Politics rally summarizes how Corporate Personhood and Citizens United undermines democracy

Overturn Citizens United - for Fair Elections, Fair Economy
(Op-Ed by Craig Salins)

Recipe for Legislative Action by Grassroots Advocacy