Allied Organizations

WPC works with many local, statewide and national organizations to further the work of restoring voter-owned campaigns and elections. Do you have a WPC group in your community?
Join our Team –  We invite you to become a partner, and serve with other WPC leaders in your area. WPC has a Field Organizing Committee with an experienced Field Organizer to coach and assist local WPC groups. Contact us if you would like to organize and become active in your local area.

Washington state allies

Fuse Washington
League of Women Voters of Washington
Move On
Move to Amend (Washington)
Public Citizen (Washington)
TACOMA-PIERCE COUNTY chapter of Washington Public Campaigns
Working Washington

National allies

Alliance for Democracy:
Americans for Campaign Reform
, Grassroots for federal campaign funding Brennan Center for Justice / New York University School of Law Resources and Legal Assistance for Campaign Financing Reform
Common Cause: Mission is Money in Politics and Elections and Voting among other good government causes.
Fair Vote: The Center for Voting and Democracy Organization focusing on fair voting reforms.
Fair Elections Now: Information about the Federal Elections Now Act – legislation that would provide for public funding of congressional campaigns based upon candidates raising a minimum number of small contributions in their own state and other conditions.
Fix Our America: Supports passage of 28th Amendment.
Follow the Money: National Institute on Money in State Politics Resource for information about money in state politics
Free Speech for People: Challenges the misuse of corporate power and works to restore republican democracy to the people.
Justice At Stake:  National partnership working for fair, impartial courts.
Useful tools to analyze effects of money on public policy with specific information on superpacs.
Move to Amend: National coalition of organizations and individuals working to amend the constitution removing money as speech and corporations as people.
Move On
Promotes progressive online organizing moving to the grassroots. Center for Responsive Politics Nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Informs citizens how money in politics affects their lives
Origins of Public Financing History and analysis of Public Financing of campaigns.
People for the American Way: Mission is to build and nurture communities of support for American values, and to equip those communities to promote progressive policies, elect progressive candidates, and hold public officials accountable.
Public Campaign:  Clean Money. Clean Elections  - includes links for many states’ organizations
Public Citizen: Champions citizen interests before Congress, the courts and federal government entities in 5 issue areas.
Reclaim Democracy
: Dedicated to restoring democratic authority over corporations, reviving grassroots democracy, and establishing appropriate limits on corporate influence.
Represent.Us: Works to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act
Rootstrikers .org:Mission is to restore power over American Politics and government to 100% of the people partnering with Public Campaign, Common Cause, US-PIRG, Democracy Matters, and other groups.
United Re:Public: Challenges the undue influence of well-financed special interests over American government and politics.
United for the People: Tracks elected officials, organizations, governmental bodies that have adopted resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC.