Contact Your Legislator

One of the most important things you can do is to contact your state legislators. Locate your legislator

Anyone can call the LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE, toll-free:
 Operators will assist you— even if you don’t know your legislators’ names. If you give your address, they will find your legislative district, then take a message from you, and deliver it to your legislators and/or the Governor.

You can also contact them by calling their office, or by email or written letters. A personal message from a voter in their district is more influential than pre-printed emails or cards.

Let your legislator know that you are concerned about politics being controlled by big money. Ask them to support the resolution to Congress to overturn Citizens United and public financing of campaigns.
Use your own words. Here is a typical message you might give:

“I’m a constituent concerned about the growing influence of big money on politics and public policy. I strongly support publicly funded campaigns as a means of restoring democracy to ordinary citizens.

As a state legislator, do you support public financing of campaigns? How will you address this important issue?”

Here are some key points to make.
With public financing of campaigns:

  • Incumbents and candidates no longer need to spend time “dialing for dollars.” Instead, there is more time to talk with voters and discuss important issues.
  • Legislators are freed from seeming indebted to big donors. They can vote according to constituents’ desires, without worrying that big campaign contributors won’t fund their next campaign.
  • Public financing truly gives us “government of, by, and for the people.”
  • In Arizona and Maine, states where substantial numbers of legislators have been elected through public financing of campaigns, they subsequently have enacted tough laws bringing down the price of prescription drugs, expanding affordable health care, and closing unnecessary tax giveaways to special interests.
  • Public financing of campaigns is affordable. We can do it in Washington State for as little as $4.00 or less per resident per year. Even if it was $5-10 per year, isn’t it worth it? – to restore balance – and citizen voice – to our democracy.