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1-17-13 - Washington Citizens Say Get Big Money Out of Politics
Olympia, WA, January 17 – In the first week of Washington’s legislative session, supporters delivered over 12,000 petitions and “kicked off” lobbying on a bill calling on Congress to take the first step in overturning Citizens United.
WAMEND –a powerful and diverse coalition … working on getting the Washington state legislature to pass a resolution calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that returns to Congress and the states the authority to regulate the money spent by corporations, special interests, and individuals in political campaigns.
WAMEND showed tremendous statewide support for the issue by delivering petitions from all 49 legislative districts to Senator Adam Kline, who plans to sponsor the resolution along with Representative Jamie Pedersen.
“Citizens United erodes public confidence in the institutions of government. And that’s to nobody’s benefit,” said State Senator Kline. You can find a complete recording of the Senator’s remarks here.
“More than 600 communities and 11 states have put forward resolutions, now it is Washington’s turn” says WashPIRG advocate Micaela Preskill.  Sixty Washington State Legislators have already announced their support.
Emboldened by the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Citizens United, millionaires and corporations spent more than three times as much on the 2012 election than in the record-breaking election in 2008. Super PACs accounted for the lion’s share of spending in 2012 – 61%. These new independent expenditure-only committees proved to be a convenient avenue for special interests to spend on the election.
“Our current system provides plenty of opportunities for special interests to influence elections at the expense of everyday voters,” said Alice Woldt, Executive Director at Washington Public Campaigns.

10-7-12 – Small Donors  - can – and should – reclaim Power in Elections   A short  history of public financing with some suggestions of what to do today. Tacoma News Tribune

4-12-12 – Wealthy Group Seeks to Reform Election Giving in New York An unusual and well-heeled coalition, trying to tap public anger over the flood of money into politics, is pushing to enact a public financing system for elections in New York State. NewYork Times

3-27-12 – Calif. lawmakers vote to overturn Citizens United
California lawmakers waded into the ongoing battle over corporate money in politics Thursday with a resolution that supports overturning the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, which has led to a flood of money from deep-pocketed donors in this year’s presidential race. CBS

3-8-12 - The Great Vermont Uprising Against Corporate Personhood
by John Nichols - Vermonters went to their town meetings this week to settle questions about dump fees, snowplowing contracts and utility meters.
They also decided to take on the corrupt campaign system that is steering the republic toward catastrophe.
And they have done so in a voice loud enough to be heard all the way to Washington.  The Nation