Overturning Citizens United

Tool Kit available here

Join the effort to ask state legislators to sign onto a Legislator Letter — a joint letter by whomever will sign, calling on the Congress to amend the Constitution.

And join the Citizens Petition effort, asking city councils to put an Advisory Measure on the ballot — so that voters can directly express their views.

Ask your city or county to Adopt a City/County Resolution — calling for a 28th Amendment to declare that corporations are not persons, and political contributions (by corporations and Super PACs) must be regulated, so the voice of We The People is not drowned or out-shouted.

And ask your union, district organization, or any social action group, toAdopt an Organization Resolution — calling for the city or county to act, urging a 28th Amendment.

PETITION: Advocates are collecting petition signatures, asking the city council to act to place a Citizens Advisory Measure on the ballot — in Seattle, and hopefully other cities in WA State.

Click here to see Seattle’s petition
We can edit this petition form for use in any city in the state.

Launch this effort in your city — contact wpc@washclean.org.

Let’s not be silent! It’s a year of great opportunity to make progress on our mission: to reclaim democracy itself for We The People! We need all hands on deck.

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